Former sunken garden, Hyson Green

Former sunken garden, Hyson Green

An unused and unattractive sunken garden in Hyson Green was known for being a “No’go” area by local people. It was an area which attracted crime, vandalism and graffiti and one which as suffered neglect over recent years.

Groundwork Greater Nottingham developed the scheme and raised the gardens ground level to create a safer environment. The area was given a new lease of life with inspiring landscaping, a new seating area, and the installation of artwork which was created from images of local residents.

The new garden has improved the local environment for both residents and visitors and has created an inviting and welcoming outdoor space.

Lead landscape architect Groundwork Greater Nottingham
Client Nottingham City Council

Technical summary

Contractors Main Contractor Carrier Landscapes
Other info Image by Groundwork Greater Nottingham
Category Parks and gardens

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